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About us

M3 Consulting has been providing Reserve Fund Studies (RFS) and Risk Analysis services to Property Managers, Condominium Boards, Insurance Companies, Businesses and Building Owners throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. since 1994. 

Residential and Commercial building types we have reviewed include:

* Condominiums - Multi-unit high rise and low rise apartments, Bareland, Commercial Buildings, Single Family Dwellings, Rowhouse, Duplex, Fourplex, etc. 

* Retirement and Assisted Living Facilities, Lodges and Hotels, Strip Malls, Industrial Buildings, Churches, etc.

Services we offer ...

We offer Reserve Fund Studies (RFS) for Condominiums, Rental Properties, Retirement and Assisted Living Facilities, Hotels and Lodges, Housing Cooperatives, Churches, Municipal Buildings, etc. 

Where is our active territory for site visits?

Even though we're based in Alberta, we carry out Reserve Fund Studies in all of Canada's western provinces. 

Here's how our site can help you ...

Check out the M3 Consulting Sample Reserve Fund Study. This is a partial sample of our RFS report. It will give you a good idea of how we would approach your Condominium or building. 

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